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CBD Crumble: What Is It and How To Use It

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Weed Crumble What Is It and How To Use It

Hemp flower can be used in many unique ways. While many users smoke or vape Hemp Flower, those who want stronger effects often use concentrates such as CBD Crumble. Much like Wax, Shatter, or Hash, CBD Crumble is a hemp flower extract that contains very high levels of CBD.

CBD Crumble is a good choice for users who want something stronger than regular hemp flower. Even a small amount can have a lot of CBD, and it can be used in many ways. What’s more, users who aren’t interested in getting high will also avoid THC altogether and will only get the extra high levels of cannabidiol. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD Crumble and how to use it.

CBD Crumble: What Is It?

When most people think of hemp, they most likely think of Hemp Flower- the product made by harvesting and drying the buds of the hemp plants. However, while Hemp Flower is good for smoking or vaping, it can also be used to make products that are even more potent and powerful. One example of this is CBD Crumble.

CBD Crumble is a concentrate that’s made by extracting the potent trichomes from Hemp Flower into a much stronger form. It’s generally made by dousing it in a solvent such as butane or CO2 using special extraction equipment. This separates the cannabinoid-rich trichomes from the rest of the plant matter, and after purging the solvents, you get pure and potent extracts.

Many users choose to use CBD Crumble as it can contain extremely high CBD levels. While Hemp Flower generally contains 10-25% CBD, CBD Crumble can contain 90% or higher. That means that it only takes a very small amount to get powerful effects, and Crumble can be used in various ways.

Weed Crumble How To Use It

CBD Crumble: How To Use It

One of the main perks of using CBD Crumble is that there are plenty of effective ways to use it. Some users prefer to mix it with hemp flower or other dried herbal products for smoking purposes. However, vaping or even dabbing Crumble can give you even more powerful effects. Here are some of the most common methods of using CBD Crumble.

Adding Crumble To A Joint - Users who like to roll their flower into a joint can enhance the effects by adding a few dabs of CBD Crumble. After adding their Hemp Flower, adding a small amount of CBD Crumble before rolling can make their joint significantly stronger. 

Adding Crumble To A Bowl - Much like you can add Crumble to a joint, you can also add it to a bowl of Hemp or Cannabis Flower. Whether you use a Glass Pipe, Bong, or Bubbler, you start by packing your bowl with your buds then top it with a small amount of Crumble. The Crumble will burn with the weed and give you enhanced hits.

Vaping Crumble - Using a Vaporizer is arguably the best way to use Crumble. This will give you potent hits and even bring out more of the flavor of your CBD Crumble. You’ll need a device that’s compatible with concentrates, such as a Wax Pen. Once you have one, all you need to do is add some Crumble to the coil, power your device on, and enjoy the experience.

Dabbing Crumble - You can also use CBD Crumble with a Dab Rig. This involves heating the nail of the Dab Rig with a butane torch until it’s piping hot. You can then apply a small dab of Crumble using a dab tool. It’ll vaporize instantly and you can take a hit from the mouthpiece. However, dabbing can be a little overwhelming for some users and it’s usually best to stick to using a Vaporizer.

Where To Buy Crumble

Where To Buy Crumble

If you’re looking for a safe and high-free alternative that’s legal across the United States, you can buy CBD Crumble. CBD Crumble is extracted from hemp and only contains trace levels of THC, meaning it won’t get you high or make you fail a drug test. 

You can buy CBD Crumble online at Carolina Hemp Company. We offer high-quality CBD Crumble in various strains. For instance, some users might prefer the smooth and fruity taste of Blue Dream whereas others may prefer a zesty and spicy strain such as OG Kush. 

Along with CBD Crumble, you can also find a range of other CBD products and accessories. For instance, you might want to complement your CBD Crumble with Hemp Flower, Topicals, Edibles, or a range of other high-quality products.


CBD Crumble is a hemp flower extract known for its crumbly exterior and its extra-high levels of cannabinoids. You can find CBD Crumble and many other CBD products online at Carolina Hemp Company.

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