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Colorado introduces first certified hemp seed

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Colorado has been known for some Cannabis firsts and Wednesday they continued that trend by introducing the first certified domestic hemp seeds.

The newly re-forming American hemp industry is subject to many restrictions and oversight. In order to grow hemp farmers must be state certified. The plants they grow cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC. If they do, they are destroyed, leaving the grower without a harvest and a loss for the year. The industry estimates that fewer than 7,000 acres of hemp are being grown this year. It is for this reason the Colorado Department of Agriculture has been working on a solution.

Seed distributors will set pricing for the certified seeds and farmers will not be required to purchase them. Currently growers import their seeds and many will continue to do so.

29 states currently allow hemp production and will be able to purchase the seeds in 2017 under certain guidelines.


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