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NC Hemp Commission requests restraining order against DEA

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BREAKING NEWS about the April 17th commission meeting.  The NC Hemp Commissioners voted unanimously, during a public phone conference, to request that the NC Attorney Generals office impose a retraining order against the DEA, to prevent the DEA from prosecuting those farmers that wish to import their seed from Europe or from within the U.S..

The back drop for this is one we have seen play out in many other states whereby, the DEA essentially stalls the efforts of the State Pilot programs through various methods.

The NC Hemp Commission has exhausted every effort to play by the DEA's rules, to no avail. The Hemp Commission has admirably demonstrated the will to become federally compliant, and when faced with what seems to be the end of the road, have agreed internally to do what it takes to see the program move forward.

Whats at risk if they are unsuccessful? On the books, multiple farmers and individuals across the state have invested 200k  of private funds to get the commission seated and the pilot program operable. On top of that, farmers and industry leaders have spent an extraordinary amount of time planning, preparing infrastructure, making alliances and buying seed to import from Europe and Cultivars from other states in the U.S. . Plans have been made, money spent, and EVERYONE is ready to plant, process, and take the first steps to making this industry a reality in NC. I would venture to say that there is over a million dollars of capital that has already been tied up to see this through.

Carolina Hemp Company alone is prepared to ramp up and add as many as 30 full time jobs over the next year and a half. Within a few years of a successful implementation of the pilot program, we could see thousands of high quality jobs developed across the state in multiple industries.

What can we do to accelerate from where we are, and help the commission to achieve its mandated function?

At this point, we all need to be calling and/or emailing the Attorney Generals office, and directing a communication to Grayson Kelly, Chief Deputy Attorney General, that the people that are vested in this industry expect that the AG office will Seek this remedy immediately.

The moment a retraining order is issued and an injunction sought, we will be free to proceed, albeit later than hoped for.

For your convenience, you will find below, the contact information for the Attorney Generals Office and the NC Hemp Commission.

Attorney General’s Office
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Telephone: (919) 716-6400
Fax: (919) 716-6750


NC Hemp Commission                                                        



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  • this could be so beneficial to so many people.

    Anita Smith on
  • please read its history. Hemp brought us to this country. The emperor wears no clothes is a good resource of information
    Christian Smith on

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