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Palmetto Harmony Reviews

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One of the many questions we are asked about Palmetto Harmony products is "Where can we find Palmetto Harmony reviews?". So we decided to search ourselves and put together all the reviews we could find in one location so that you can decide for yourself if CBD is right for you. The following is both written and video testimonials from real Palmetto Harmony customers.

Johnnie Margiotta
Johnnie has had spasms in her eye lid for years. Doctors have been unable to diagnose her issue or treat it. She stopped by the Carolina Hemp Company's booth at the WLOS "Live Well" convention in Asheville NC and well, you can see the results for yourself.

JaiD from The Vape Ladies (
JaiD suffers from chronic pain so she tried Palmetto Aura, a CBD vape oil from Palmetto Harmony. Her results were "fantastic" so she uploaded this review so you can hear her story for yourself!

Shane Owens
Lydia is a young lady who suffered from Petit Mal seizures. Her father Shane went searching for an alternative to the mild results from modern medicine and found Palmetto Harmony. After almost 4 months of using Palmetto Harmony Lydia is seizure free.

Vapor General
We sent Vapor General a bottle of Palmetto Aura by Palmetto Harmony for the purpose of a review. After trying the oil out for a couple of weeks he too has become a believer in the healing power of Cannabidiol.


We also found these written reviews

Palmetto Aura


I have myoclonus/dystonia, and I struggle with this everyday. I have been on Klonopin, Baclofen, Keppra and Zanaflex. I am a firm believer in natural medicine, so when I started reading about the many positive effects it helps with the body and the neurological aspect I decided to try. It has actually helped my condition more than any medication I have been prescribed. It is honestly great to take something natural with no side affects but instead give positive ones. This will be a permanent product in my home.


This has helped make huge leaps for our daughter, best thing I’ve ever bought! Will def be buying other products to try.

(verified owner):

Prompted by Erin Elizabeth (Healthnut News), I decided to try CBD. Wow. I have anxiety due to PTSD and have tried every natural remedy available for that (from herbs to homeopathics), nothing really worked, but this did. Just takes that edge off without making me feel sleepy or “out of it.” Often, with the anxiety, I get nauseated and lose my appetite (I’m underweight.). And, of course, it helped that immensely. Also, menopausal night sweats were making sleeping horrible – waking me often and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m not sure if the oil is stopping the night sweats, but it definitely helps me get back to sleep very, very quickly. Thanks so very much!


I have nerve and hip pain. Doctors give me a shot it has no affect. Two days later I give this product a try and I have no pain at all. It’s been a great help.

Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil


I have crohn’s disease and used this and it took my anxiety away, as well as i can sleep through the night now. I am amazed this stuff works great. My friend that knows them well Ashley C. Told me to go get this and i will be getting more.


I use this product in conjuction with the cream, me being a chronic migraine patient and fibro patient it’s helped me begin to cut back on my pharmaceuticals, and I’ve lost 60#’ s since beginning the oil. Thank you for such good safe products


I have been taking CBD hemp oil for almost a month. I started taking it for leg spasms from MS. The leg spasms are much better. I have had days without any spasms. Other days I have had some but they are not nearly as intense and the duration is much shorter. I gave it 4 stars because I still have spasms but my head says it should be 5 because my quality of life has improved noticeable. I am more active then I have been in a long time. My quality of life is definitely better.

(verified owner):

An amazing oil! Within the 1st week of using Palmetto Harmony, Tristan was brighter, focused on us,began to speak,babble sentences, say new words. In the second week he was steadier on his feet & completed tasks, he put something away.
He woke up yesterday morning & said Mama I see you! A beautiful sentence!
He has gone 2days without a drop seizure & cant wait for the full benefits to show when he is at his perfect dose. Thank you for this great product.

(verified owner):

My 13 year-old daughter Izzy has been taking PH for several months now. She has a neurodegenerative disease that is terminal. Your product has reduced her seizure frequency and duration. It has reduced her terrible generalize dystonia. It has reduced the need for emergency seizure/dystonia medications allowing her to be less sedated. In October she was weened completely off of one of her anti epileptic medications (that she has been on for 9 years) and she has “come back” to us. She is visually tracking us, smiling and being more present again! Truly a miracle for us. I cannot thank you enough!

Do your research

These are just a handful of testimonials we were able to find. Feel free to continue researching for reviews and testimonials and draw your own conclusions.


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