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The "Ashe-Tucky" Hemp Pipeline

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You read that right.  Ashe-Tucky.  As we all know, Asheville is different. A mecca of many sorts, and a progressive, forward thinking community of passionate people.  It is from Asheville that a collective link to the Hemp fields, farmers, and businesses of Kentucky is being established.

It is here in Asheville that you will find a concentration of "Hempsters" like none other in the state.  The vibe is right and the market is primed with multiple target demographics. We are witnessing an organic action and the re-birth of an industry with more economic potential than we have seen since the onset of the world wide web.

As North Carolina moves ever closer to planting the first Hemp Seed in the state since WW2, those of us in the industry are collaborating more and more with our friends in Kentucky to begin funneling regionally grown and made products, like Green Remedy and Palmetto Harmony into the WNC market.  To begin channeling the lessons learned from our friends, like Mike Lewis and Healing Ground Farms and Craig Lee, long time hemp advocate that has been such a large part of planting the seeds in Kentucky.  To begin creating working relationships between KY Hempsters, and NC Hempsters that are blooming into long term partnerships between regular people with a BIG vision.

Asheville is now home to Hemp X (thanks to Blake Butler and Jill Lieberman), the largest Hemp festival in the state, Hosted by Highland Brewing Company. On August 19th and 20th, 2016 at the 2nd Annual Hemp X Asheville, you will be able to taste Hemp, drink Hemp, wear Hemp, feel, smell, and touch Hemp.  You will hear from Hemp people about Hemp things. 

You will be able to meet us, the Brians (Brian Bullman & Brian Morris) with Carolina Hemp Company,  based here in my hometown of Asheville. You will meet Mike Lewis from Growing Warriors and Healing Ground Farm, Chad Wilson with Green Remedy, Janel Ralph with Palmetto Harmony, and many many more fine folks from the industry.

Yes. We are indeed witnessing something great.  The Ashe-Tucky Pipeline is very real and new sections are being laid every day.  Asheville will lead the state in facilitating  the re-emergence of this once great crop. 

You can begin learning more about the industry here in Asheville as soon as August 10th. Carolina Hemp Company will be hosting the first of the Wednesday Hemp Day Series at THE BLOCK off biltmore. We will have our friend Leif Erickson from a Hemp farm in Kentucky here to, not only entertain you you with his original style of music, but to answer questions about the Kentucky Hemp Experience. Also speaking will be Dr. Michael Rogers, PharmD, and Bill Cheek, BS Pharmacy, from Nature's Vitamins and Herbs (Formerly Natures Pharmacy in Biltmore). Learn More Here







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