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Just think about it. Think about how much collective energy and manpower has been spent, in a conscious effort for DECADES, to gain any momentum whatsoever. People have spent their entire lives attempting to take back the freedom,  to grow and use a harmless crop, from the state.   In a grass roots collective effort there has been a brotherhood, of sorts, that has organically developed among the current generation of torch-bearers in the hemp industry and those that came before us.


The amount of collaboration and mutual support between companies and individuals competing in the marketplace is astounding. 

It is these people that make this Thin Green Line. 

In an industry that has to be rebuilt link by link, against the current of stereotype and political dogma, the people behind the scenes have networked, toiled, educated, and generally risked everything to take back what is rightfully and lawfully ours and yours.

It is important to understand that when searching for hemp products that your support goes to the people and companies that have made it happen. Due diligence will expose the corporations that are trying to swoop in and co-opt the industry. 

Each of us that compose the Thin Green Line understand that mutual support is necessary and critical. The seemingly insurmountable task at hand has been proven to be a facade, and we are tearing it down one brick at a time. 

Unfortunately, the alphabet agencies and corporate cronies are working at breakneck speed to retain control. We are at a juncture that will define the operating system of the industry, and if we are not adamant and ruthlessly focused, our cage will only get bigger, not removed.

Here in NC, there is a pilot program being established to grow industrial hemp in 2017. Find out more here!

Until next time, keep hemping! 


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