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What is CBD?

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What is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a molecular compound that is a botanical extract of the industrial Hemp plant. CBD is also found in Marijuana, but with high levels of THC as well. Hemp is legally identified as a strain of cannabis that has 0.3% or less of THC.  Hemp products are legal in all 50 states.
CBD Facts
All mammals have an EndoCannabinoid System. Much like the circulatory
or respiratory system, the EndoCannabinoid System makes and regulates the Endo-Cannabinoids made by our bodies. The cannabis plant has the highest concentration of Cannabinoids of any plant on our fine planet. In short, Cannabinoids promote cellular homeostasis, and are ESSENTIAL to the human diet.  It has been shown that a host of neurological, inflammatory, and autoimmune conditions are linked to cannabinoid deficiency. See HERE.
What are the benefits of CBD? Studies so far have lead to the following information about the compound:
To date, there have been over 60 different cannabinoids( molecular compounds)
discovered. The "CBD" molecular compound is found in the highest concentrations in
Cannabis Sativa (Hemp)
Other cannabinoids such as CBA, CBN,CBG etc... address different conditions, but act synergisticly  with the each other to provide the "Entourage Effect" and create a "Full Spectrum"  product.


 Cannabidiol is not scheduled. CBD does not cause the "high" associated with the THC in marijuana. We are developing new understanding with regards to THC and CBD. As our global consciousness evolves it is vital that we maintain a difference between the two compounds. Studies have shown medical potential for both compounds, however, THC comes with some impairment. Until new legislation comes to pass we must make clear the distinction between CBD and THC.

Successful testimonials and trials regarding Cannabidiol and seizure reduction in children has heightened demand for CBD products. With Marijuana cultivation not an option for most Americans we have started to turn to Hemp as the source of Cannabidiol with tremendous success.

Since the signing of the Agricultural Act of 2014, over 20 states, including Kentucky, South Carolina and North Carolina have passed laws creating pilot and research programs.

CBD research and demand is increasing. Hemp seems to be the solution. We will update this page with the newest CBD Information as fast as we can collect it.

What is Wednesday Hemp Day? What is CBD? An initiative centered in Asheville  NC and sponsored by Carolina Hemp Co, to educate retailers, consumers, and the General public about CBD derived from local and regionally sourced Hemp. We have partnered with THE BLOCK off biltmore in downtown Asheville to host these bi-weekly events through out the rest of summer and the fall.
We will have Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lawyers, and a multitude of other professionals from the region as guest speakers.
You can be sure that there will be great music, food, and atmosphere at this fantastic venue.

Farmers in North Carolina will be able to secure a license with the Department

of Agriculture in 2017. Find out more at the NCIHA  Carolina Hemp Co is already moving high quality CBD products grown in Kentucky into the mainstream market in WNC.

Beginning on August 10th, 2016 at THE BLOCK off biltmore, in downtown Asheville. We will have the first Wednesday Hemp Day event, discussing these topics. Check it out here.

Happy Hemping. Can't wait to see you there !

Mechanisms of Cannabidiol
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