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Word Salad and Freedom of Speech

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Wow. I do believe we will have to hire a team of lawyers and copy writers to stay on top of the continuous flow of verbiage adjustments pushed on our industry by the various agencies of Gooberment.

We now live in a world where un-elected persons can dictate what you can or cannot say about a growing number of products on the market. Claims made (true or not) are subject to scrutiny  under an electron microscope to make sure no information is actually passed along.

But don't worry.  It is all for your own good. Apparently, if you haven't noticed, the Gooberment has decided that we adults cannot make good choices about what we put into our bodies.

Consider this.  Everyone in the industry know that there are extreme medicinal benefits to hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD.  We are just not allowed to speak about, write about, insinuate, describe, claim, characterize, report, detail, illuminate, portray, expound, represent, recite, interpret, label, epitomize, exemplify, outline, impart, chronicle, construe, or communicate the attributes whatsoever. 

Considering that the agencies dictating these arbitrary rules are effectively populated by crony corporate executives in a revolving door mechanism  that places the interests and profits of big ag, big pharma, etc, ahead of the populace, this should come as no surprise.

What should come as a surprise is how effective this tool has become to oppress the freedom of intillectual speech, and hinder the progress of anything that is not lining the pockets of those in power. 

This has become a game of Whack-a-Mole. At every turn, we are being forced to find work-arounds with the language we use.

At this moment, from a sales perspective, the best we can do is encourage folks to do their own research.

Rant over.  Be sure to tune in for the next rant on the credit card processing woes of the hemp industry.



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