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The Hemp Happenings: Second Edition

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420 Boogie poster


Dear Hemp Advocate,

    Welcome back to our second edition of The Hemp Happenings! For those of you who enjoyed the last one and would like a set date and time for each new post, our intention is to offer it twice a month on Fridays. However, with our annual 420Boogie coming up, we felt this could be an exception to the schedule. Afterall, where would the hemp industry be today without a little reckless rule bending?

If you are familiar with Carolina Hemp Company then you’ll know that our ultimate mission is to destigmatize and educate about hemp; shedding away the old idea of a hemp advocate being the typical red eyed, dazed and confused college kid. The reality is that this is 2019 and hemp is finally being noticed collectively for its myriad of benefits. Long story short, our 420Boogie is a FREE family friendly event celebrating all things cannabis.


The Pre-Boogie Boogie

For those of you who have already made plans on the weekend of April 20th, might we propose a unique, one of a kind opportunity taking place on the night of Thursday, the 18th. In light of making the most of this “unofficial” well recognized holiday, we will be hosting the first of many Pre-Boogie Boogies for anyone 18 and older at the aesthetically pleasing space directly next to our location on Haywood Rd, Ambrose West. This FREE show, featuring Groove Fetish and a special performance from NOCAB RD will begin at 7pm. So, as you can see, there really is no excuse to miss out on some quality groovin’ with the Green Team this year. You never know, attending this little extension of the bigger bash may just inspire your availability for the 20th to free up a bit.  

The 420 Boogie

*Footage from the 2017 Boogie*

We all know some origin story behind how the term “420” shot to the top of everyone’s mental copy of the Cannabis Consumer’s Terminology Guide. Who started it? Where? When? Why? Whether you prefer to credit The Waldos or your favorite story spinning relative, the fact of the matter is that April 20th has evolved into far more than just a day or time for partaking in cannabis. It has become an iconic day dedicated to the unchaining and celebration of this plant that our country mistakenly deemed forbidden only so many years ago. That is why this year's Boogie is a celebration built to honor not only Hemp, but the Earth, hands, and love that cultivate it on a daily basis here in North Carolina.

We are blessed to have grown such a thriving WNC hemp community, though it took a seemingly exhausting amount of time to get here. Every march, every hour an innocent advocate spent behind bars has brought us to this point, but this struggle will forever be seen as a key part of our history and ultimately, the expansion of the human species. Clearly, the grunt work has paid off, giving birth to a plethora of creative uses for the plant that will undoubtedly catapult our society into a more sustainable, peaceful way of living. That is what we are gathering to observe this Saturday, because we are truly privileged to live in an era where this is more of a party than a fight for freedom.

Feeling motivated to step up the festivities this year? Why not take it a step further and bring out the whole family...after all, we are certainly prepared to accommodate everyone's interests. UpCountry Brewing, located at 1042 Haywood Road, Asheville, will be hosting our shenanigans from 2pm to 11 pm on Saturday. There will be refreshments, activities such as face painting, tie dying, and fairy hair provided by Mountain Fairy Hair, along with 5 performances split between the 3 stages that UpCountry offers. In order to reinforce the idea of this being an all inclusive event, we thought it’d be refreshing to offer a myriad of genres. There will be a performance from one of our very own Green Team members, Oliver Padgett (acoustic folk/indie), along with Santos of GLocal Soul Edutainment (soul), The Change (rock/punk/soul), Saylyn Roots (reggae), and Big Ivy Project (acoustic folk/bluegrass).

On top of that we are hosting a celebratory giveaway on the @smokysreserve Instagram that includes these 4/20 essentials:

  • 7 gram jar of flower (winner's choice between Special Sauce, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Lifter)
  • 1 Black Grindhouse Grinder
  • 1 pack of King Size Hemp Cones
  • 1 CHC Lighter
420 Giveaway

The cutoff for entries and announcement of the winner will be Monday (April 22nd) and you can find additional details here. If you feel called to enter make sure you have successfully followed all of the entry requirements so that it will count in the final draw and don't forget to cash in on opportunities to enter more than once! That being said, we look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces this weekend; let's make this Boogie one that will set the tone for many enriching gatherings to come, in April and all year round.

Love & Blessings, All Ways!
Cedar and The Green Team

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