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420 CBD Vape Juice

420 Vape Juice is an amazing new CBD e-liquid infused with 100% pure Cannabidiol, derived from the oils of the industrial hemp plant.

It is used as a vaporizer oil. 420 Vape Juice brand contains the purest 100% real hemp cbd oil and is available in both 60mg.

CBD E Liquid (Cannabidiol oil) has been featured in numerous studies to assist in hundreds of health issues from pain relief, to anxiety relief, aiding in relaxation, sleep, and a feeling of well being.

CBD e-liquid is said to have many of the healing and mood enhancing properties of medial marijuana, but is 100% legal as a food product and contains no THC (you won’t fail a drug test). Cannabis vaporizer oil doesn’t mean marijuana, but is a general term which all forms of marijuana and hemp fall under.

Check out all of our 420 Vape Juice flavors below.