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Carolina Hemp Company - Atlanta

Meet Atlanta's owner, Robbie:

Robbie has always been an advocate of hemp flower. She understands the importance of the plant and its ability to serve our minds and bodies. Her son was diagnosed with ADHD during his early childhood, but she and her husband did not like any of the medications that his doctors prescribed, nor did they like the fact that some prescriptions were addicting. For years, Robbie’s son went without medication, and her family had to cope daily--until they discovered CBD sublingual oil. Today, Robbie finds that whole-spectrum sublingual oil is the answer to treating her son’s condition without the side effects and risk of addiction! Robbie also says that while recovering from her recent foot surgery (cheilectomy), her “healing and saving grace was Carolina Hemp’s all-natural Support sublingual oil.” She didn’t even need to take any prescription medications! Hemp has brought her balance (literally and figuratively!), and she is now back in her shoes helping the community at Carolina Hemp Company - Atlanta. Robbie says, “Carolina Hemp’s whole-spectrum sublingual oil works!”


1188 Glenwood Ave SE, Suite B
Atlanta, GA
(678) 643-4367

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