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Carolina Hemp Company - Morehead City

Teresa & Sheree of Morehead City - Carolina Hemp Company

Meet Morehead City's owner, Teresa:

There was a time when Teresa sought relief for stress and restlessness through pharmaceuticals, and almost unavoidably, things began to take a turn for the worse. She could feel herself losing interest in activities she once enjoyed, with an ever-growing and dreadful sense of apathy toward her daily functions. Her son approached her about the negative behavioral patterns he saw emerging due to her developing reliance on these medications for sleep and day-to-day activities. He had experience using hemp products for stress relief and suggested Teresa give it a try. Teresa relented, initially trying a few vaping products and, subsequently, some of the low-quality isolate oils sold through pyramid schemes. Her son intervened again and introduced her to Carolina Hemp Company’s brand of whole-spectrum sublingual oils. 

Teresa began taking the oil as she was in the process of weaning herself off of her medication. Over the course of a couple of weeks, she gradually felt relief that she hadn’t with the other oils. Initially, Teresa suspected it might be a placebo effect, so she tested this theory by withholding her daily allowance of cannabinoids. It was then that she became convinced and had her proverbial “Ah-Ha” hemp moment. The relief wasn’t sudden or as overbearing as the medication Teresa received from her physician, but it worked! Teresa had a strong desire to stop taking pharmaceuticals, so she continued taking the hemp oil. Things started getting better. That once-dreaded sense of apathy began to fade. Finally, she rid herself completely of sleep and stress medication. 

Teresa and her family began looking into how they could share this miracle plant with others. In the months following her initial experiment with plant medicine, she acquired the necessary licenses to distribute hemp in the state of North Carolina, established an online presence, and started vending at North Carolina festivals and expos alongside her two children Sheree and Thomas. 

From her hemp beginnings, Teresa sold Carolina Hemp Company products as she knew our founder, Brian, and the team had high-quality standards. When Carolina Hemp Company began to franchise and offered Teresa the opportunity, her commitment to partner came with ease. She strives to be a family-serving and education first establishment, teaching the community about the benefits of a healthy and balanced endocannabinoid system. In doing so, she hopes to remove the negative stigma surrounding a plant that gives so many (including herself) new hope. 

Teresa is working with her son and daughter in all aspects of her new venture. Working with them has increased her enthusiasm for the job tenfold. They have traveled across the state of North Carolina, hearing and witnessing the effects of cannabinoid supplementation. They have seen the benefits of cannabinoids first-hand in the well-being of the many communities they visited and how broad the applicability of cannabinoids truly is. Now they utilize the experience they have gained to come together and serve the community of Morehead City with great enthusiasm and a collective desire to see lives changed.


2900 Arendell St, Suite 7
Morehead City, NC
(252) 723-4660

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