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Carolina Hemp Company - Zebulon

zebulon, nc - Carolina Hemp Company - CBD Store
Meet Zebulon's owners, Nicole and Owen:
Nicole was born in Brooklyn but has called Trinidad, Atlanta and California home before settling in Raleigh, NC with her husband and 2 beautiful kids. In 2019 she opened her mental health and addiction clinic in Wendell, NC where she currently treats children and adults suffering from psychiatric and addiction illnesses. Having first-hand knowledge about the side effects of medication, she has always been drawn to natural methods of healing. She educates her patients on the importance of quality sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and yoga. As an alternative to medication, she trained as an acupuncture detox specialist using a five-point ear acupuncture needle technique that alleviates cravings and withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction. (Unfortunately, the state of NC will not allow her to practice this with her patients). 
Nicole says, “I have always had a passion for helping others while educating and empowering them to help themselves. In 2018 I discovered CHC in Asheville and loved their message and mission to deliver high-quality CBD products to nourish the body, reduce stress, and restore balance.” She drove down to meet the team in 2018 and opened her store on April 17, 2021, in the town of Zebulon, NC. She says the store has been well received and I am just thrilled to see what the future brings.
Owen grew up in California and lived there most of his life. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Economics. From there, he worked for Bank of America for 11 years, during which he relocated to North Carolina for a change of scenery. After leaving the bank, Owen became a life insurance agent and also began learning medical billing for Journeys in Mental Health & Wellness, a mental health and substance abuse clinic. Currently, manages medical billing for Journeys, Collegial Behavioral Health, and First Step Services, mental health clinics located in Raleigh. Owen's passion for helping people inspired him to open up a store that would provide much-needed products to the public. As a hobby, Owen tutors math to high school students and enjoys riding motorcycles. Owen says, "Opening this store is my way of thinking outside the box to help make people's lives better.”


120 E Gannon Ave
Zebulon, NC
(919) 646-0009

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