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900 mah Battery | GS PTS01

Features of GreenSound High-tech PTS01 battery

1. Passthrough function (requires a minimal residual charge, will not work from "dead" charge)
2. 900mah battery capacity.
3. LED Color battery level indicator on base.
4. Modified top connector to prevent the top from separating from the battery.
5. Short-circuit protection.
6. CE ROHS FCC certification.
7. Dual charging, both from MicroUSB and fro top as a standard ego.

Battery Levels are indicated by the button LED color
Blue 100-40%
Red 40-1%
Red Flashing = 0% Charge - The red light will flash when it is depleted and needs charging.

Length 97mm
Diameter 14mm (note, this is about 4.5mm wider than standard ego batteries)
Capacity 900mAH
Unregulated battery, you will get 4.2v off of the charger and it will go down until depleted, for full use of voltage you can use the passthrough function.

How to charge:
* The battery can be charged by and standard ego Powered USB Charger directly OR with the MicroUSB connection.
* Charging time: 4-5 hours depending on your charging source amp limit