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Balance CBD Vape Pen

Evoxe Balance is an all-in-one disposable CBD vape pen containing 125 mg of CBD isolate. Balance is a holistic blend of award winning Isodol 99.6% pure CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate combined with mood enhancing extracts. The Ylang Ylang will lift your mood, Tangerine awakens the senses, Frankincense will refresh your body, and the Geranium cleanses the body of toxins.

This age-old blend of oils infused with CBD Isolate will leave you relaxed and ready for your day. Derived from industrial hemp stalks.

CBD has been reported to act as a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, relaxant and more. CBD Isolate is a concentrated, tasteless, pure and isolated form of CBD (Cannabidiol).

If you are looking for a CBD vape pen for quick release and availability, the Evoxe Balance is a top choice.



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