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CBD Honey Sticks

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H.E.M.P. CBD Honey Sticks (Honey Stix) truly are the sweetest remedy. Packed with 2.2 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) in every honey stick. 7 honey sticks per package.

Let the CBD relax and ease your tensions and the natural honey satisfy your sweet tooth. CBD Honey Stix are vegan friendly, USDA organic and certified organic RAW. Made with Organic Virgin Hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are a high source of Omega3, Omega6 & Omega9 essential fatty acids and a great source of protein.


  • 2.2 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Oregon Raw Red clover honey
  • Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
  • Organic Alcohol
  • Purified Water
  • Blended infusion of Essential Oils

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