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Dog Leash - Carolina Hemp Company
Dog Leash - Carolina Hemp Company
Dog Leash - Carolina Hemp Company


Dog Leash

Standard Leash is nothing fancy, just a sturdy and reliable leash to take your four-legged best friend on an epic adventure or a walk around the block.
5.5' Long

Traffic Leash will help you keep your dog under control when you two are out walking together. This leash is perfect if you live in a city, near busy intersections or in a neighborhood with other curious dogs.
5.5' long with grab handle

Leash Coupler walks two dogs comfortably and conveniently with our leash coupler. The coupler easily attaches to any leash (leash not included with leash coupler). The hemp is strong enough to accommodate several breeds of dog and offers the right amount of slack and control.
9"-14" length per side

Awareness for our environment has created a movement of conscious consumers. Cotton and synthetic fibers are not enough anymore. There is a need for high-quality, sustainable products that not only last long, but are also safe for the planet.

We have made it our mission to provide people with plant-based products that will fulfill the needs of the most demanding customer, and there is no better plant to help us achieve it than hemp.

Give your best friend the experience they deserve. Our dog products are made of mechanically processed natural hemp which is the most durable natural fiber on the planet: 4 times more durable than cotton. Hemp requires no chemicals to grow, while cotton uses 25% of the pesticides on earth annually (and don’t get us started on the amount of synthetics in dog products!

All of the metal that we use can normally be found on horse equipment. We have designed our products to be used for even the largest and most powerful dogs.

Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and with durability beyond those of average materials used, our CHC leashes, harnesses, and collars are a healthy and sustainable choice, designed with your best friend in mind.