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CBD Hemp Oil | Combo Pack

This great product pairing of Morning and Evening Blend is a unique functional blend of botanical extracts.

FREE bonus: With this combo pack, you will receive a 100% Hemp Draw String Bag.

There is a total of 250mg of all natural botanical extracts, 100mg of that is full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) oil. Aside from tasting great you will be amazed on this product works.

Evening Blend:

Valerian Root 50mg

Chamomile 50mg

Passion Flower 25mg

Lemon Balm Leaf 25mg

Frac. Coconut Oil (MCT) 25mg


Morning Blend:

Ginko Leaf 50mg

Ginseng Root 50mg

Cranberry 25mg

Acai Berry 25mg

Frac. Coconut Oil (mct) 25ml

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