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Organic Vegan Ranch Superfood Dressing - Carolina Hemp Company
Organic Vegan Ranch Superfood Dressing - Carolina Hemp Company

Organic Vegan Ranch Superfood Dressing

Homemade salad dressings are great, but can sometimes be time consuming. And let's face it, having a bottle of salad dressing stored in our fridge is more convenient especially if we are out of a key ingredient or two. However, we need to carefully choose which healthy salad dressings we buy from the store, as finding a healthy one is a challenge.

Fortunately, Foods Alive offers a variety of truly healthy and organic salad dressings made WITHOUT the use of soybean or canola oil. 

If you're looking for a vegan alternative to ranch dressing, then you've reached heaven's gates and hit the jackpot! Cha-ching! Vegan Ranch Superfood Dressing, which has 40% artisan cold-pressed Flax and Chia oil (by volume), lives up to its name and does not sacrifice taste and quality.

This vegan dressing is sure to surprise even the pickiest of eaters. Go ahead, give it to your meat-lovin' friends and watch their faces when you tell them it's vegan. Now everyone, including ornery seniors and finicky kids, can enjoy all the benefits of essential omega oils. You will never use another unhealthy salad dressing again!

This is the perfect drizzle sauce for any dish such as baked potatoes, salads, rice dishes, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes, or soup!. Did we mention that it's an easy way to add Omega-3s to your diet?! Let your imagination run wild and pour this on any dish you can think of.


Oil blend (flax, chia)*, filtered water, coconut milk*, coconut sugar*, onion powder*, chia seed powder*, garlic granules*, apple cider vinegar*, lemon juice*, Himalayan pink salt, dill weed powder*, black pepper*, stevia*.
*Organic Ingredient